PerLa Project Politecnico di Milano
PerLa Project
"Declarative language and middleware
for pervasive systems"
Related Projects
The PerLa project is related also to:
Politecnico di Milano - CONTEXT ADDICT
Context-Aware Data Design, Integration, Customization, Tailoring and Management for Very Small, Portable Databases
The Context-ADDICT research aims at the definition of a complete framework which, starting from a methodology for the early design phases, supports mobile users through the dynamic hooking and integration of new, available information sources, until an appropriate context-based portion of data is delivered on their mobile device.
Politecnico di Milano  -  CONTEXT ADDICT
Adaptive Infrastructures for Decentralised Organisations
ArtDeco research aims at developing techniques, methods, and technologies for the diffusion of "networked enterprises" among the Italian Small and Medium Enterprises, evaluating the proposed approach in association with companies working in two test fields, food and textile/fashion.
MIUR-FIRB  -  ArtDeco
Politecnico di Milano - PROMETEO
Public Protection: Methodologies and Technologies
PROMETEO is a strategic research project of Politecnico di Milano focusing on civil protection and homeland security (public protection) topics.
Politecnico di Milano  -  PROMETEO
Politecnico di Milano - SMScom
Self-Managing Situated Computing
The SMScom project (ERC Advanced Investigator Grant N. 227977) aims at developing a consistent, integrated, and homogeneous set of methods and tools for the design, validation, and operation of dependable self-managing situational software.
Politecnico di Milano - SMScom